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City Cosmetics Dragon’s Blood Restorative Cleanser and Beauty Elixir Review

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City Cosmetics Dragon's Blood Cleanser reviewsThe latest product from City Cosmetics is a 2-part formula called Dragon’s Blood that features a Restorative Cleanser chemical peel and a Beauty Elixir. If you have ever thought about getting a chemical peel, you probably know just how expensive they can be. Not only that, but you have to go to a dermatologist or a spa to get one. Well, with the City Cosmetics Dragon’s Blood, you can now get the same purifying chemical peel from the spa, at home. The product features two bottles, one the Restorative Cleanser, and one the Beauty Elixir. The way it works is the Dragon’s Blood Restorative Cleanser gently removes impurities, oils, dirt, and dead skin from the face and then the Beauty Elixir protects the fresh skin and activates the natural, internal healing processes to initiate new skin growth, leaving your face looking fresher, younger, and more radiant than ever before.

The reason why it is called “Dragon’s Blood” is because it comes from the sap of the Croton Lechleri tree, which grows in the Amazon rainforest and is known by the locals as the “Sangre De Grado” because of its reddish color. The way you use the Dragon’s Blood product is by washing with the cleanser, which removes impurities and dead skin from the surface of the face and then applying the Beauty Elixir, which adds a restoring layer of protection that rehydrates the skin while also initiating the skin’s natural healing processes. This leaves the skin with a fresh, new surface so your face looks brighter and your skin is smoother than ever before.

The product contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize as well as powerful antioxidants that help the body defend itself against free radicals that could potentially cause cancer. It is also packed with something called “proanthocyandins” which stimulate collagen production to restore the internal structure of the skin’s cells.

I used this product once a week for 6 weeks and I can tell you that the results were pretty incredible. The cleanser really gets deep down and removes oil and dirt as well as the outer dead layer of skin cells. It has a very refreshing feel when you use it. After cleansing, I apply the Beauty Elixir which feels a bit like sunscreen when you put it on. It gives your skin a healing protective layer that goes underneath your moisturizer and makeup and continues working throughout the day.

After just a few weeks, my face looks smoother and my skin looks cleaner and brighter than ever before. If you’ve been looking into chemical peels to smooth out the surface of your skin, the City Cosmetics Dragon’s Blood is a great choice because it’s very affordable and very high quality. Most of the similar products on the market don’t contain the same levels of hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides as this one, and City Cosmetics is an established brand that never tests their products on animals. If you want to know more about the City Cosmetics’ Dragon’s Blood Restorative Cleanser and Beauty Elixir, check out

Written by Alexandra Mack


  1. Laura - November 19, 2013

    does this product work with older skin…I am 63

    • Fab Woman Daily
      Fab Woman Daily - April 24, 2014

      Hi Laura

      Dragon’s blood works to help firm skin. We do believe it will help those who are older.

      Because it is a cleanser, it might not be as effective as a serum though.

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