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City Cosmetics’ Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector Review

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City Cosmetics' Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector ReviewA good dark spot corrector can be a girl’s best friend. Whether you just have a few small issues you want to fix, or more extensive damage from the sun, acne, age, and other sources of unsightly blemishes… there’s nothing more effective for smoothing out your skin tone than eliminating the “problem areas” that keep you from having the radiant complexion every woman deserves.

Good skin is one of the biggest indicators of youth, and by properly and effectively beautifying our skin we can present the clear image of vibrant youthfulness no matter our age. But dark spots or other blemishes are one of the biggest giveaways that can unravel all your hard work. And when it comes to high end dark spot correctors, there are two main types… the ones that are included in skin lighteners and those specialist products that stand on their own.

City Cosmetics Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector is by far the most effective stand alone dark spot corrector that I have tried, and believe me I have tried them all. It was soft and didn’t irritate my skin, it absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy or shiny residue, it worked quickly and effectively (allowing me to start seeing results taking shape within a few applications), and I was glad to find out that it was not tested on animals.

Not only did it erase the few light acne marks I had on my forehead, but it totally eliminated the discoloration on my cheeks (from being out in the sun too much growing up), and even took a few freckles with the rest of my blemishes. And just to be sure that it would work on every types of discoloration, I applied a little to a birthmark I had on my calf and had a girlfriend of mine apply some to the age spots she has on her neck. It worked wonders on anything and everything I could find on anyone’s skin to test it on, and I wish I had taken pictures of my girlfriends neck before she went ahead and applied the corrector to the rest of her age spots as it would have made one of the best before/after photos for my review.

All in all, this product is a gem that should be in every woman’s beauty cabinet. And it pairs exceptionally well with City Lights from City Cosmetics, which is a standalone skin brightener (or lightener is you prefer) that excels at perfecting your overall tone and hue rather than just spot by spot. I went ahead and purchased a bottle for my mother as she is obsessed with defending her skin against the inevitable accumulation of age spots – and she is one of the harshest critics I know.

She loves it. And more than anything else, that says it all.

You can find more about the City Cosmetics’ Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector on their website:

Written by Theresa Blake


  1. Jack Lutke - January 14, 2014

    Can you please tell me how I can order this product please?

  2. MARY SOROLA - June 9, 2014


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