Sangria City Lips Review

This past week, I was invited out to glamorous Hollywood for a launch party for a new product.  Being a beauty blogger for many years, this isn’t out of the ordinary, so when I got the invitation to attend this launch party for City Cosmetics,  City Lips in Sangria, I knew it was business as usual.

Sangria City Lips reviews

I expected the usual: open bar (don’t mind if I do), free products, swag bags, other bloggers, a celeb or two, different magazine writers present.  What I didn’t expect was how much fun I would have, and how much I really enjoy their new product.

I’m familiar with City Cosmetics, I’ve tried a few of their products, but never got the opportunity to try their City Lips line.  Now, I had the City Lips in Sangria in my hands, ready to try it for the first time. During the event, I excused myself to the ladies room and slicked on the deep, shimmering, burgundy gloss.  When I saw the color in the tube, I thought it would have a very dark, thick look on my lips, but on the contrary, the gloss went on subtly sheer and the shimmer looked gorgeous.  Even with what I was already wearing, usually I plan out every bit of makeup according to my attire, the gloss complimented my skin tone, eye color, and outfit choice perfectly.  When choosing lip sticks, balms, glosses, I typically choose a nude or coral color, so it was a welcome surprise when this merlot inspired plumper complimented me so well.  So far, Sangria City Lips was off to a great start.

I returned to the party, mingling with people I knew, making new acquaintances, and then suddenly realized that my lips weren’t burning or tingling.  Knowing what I do about lip plumping products, they usually cause your lips some discomfort, beauty is pain.  But, this amazing lip plumper didn’t irritate my lips!

When I returned home later that evening, I applied another coat of the gloss before I went to bed, per the instructions.  As a good beauty blogger, I was going to see this product review through from start to finish and really commit to the instructions.

I woke up the next morning, a hint of gloss still on my lips, and got ready for the day.  This time I planned my outfit around my makeup, I knew I had to keep testing out this luscious lip elixir.  So, with a cute white dress and heels, and my Sangria lips ready to go, I started my day, making sure to reapply the gloss as the day went on, and again before bed that night.

I kept this routine up over the weekend, and am happy to report that I am definitely noticing a change in the appearance on my lips.  They feel healthier, more hydrated, the little fine lines and creases are less noticeable, and most of all I’m noticing a little more lusciousness in my lips that wasn’t there before.

Sangria has me intrigued, I’ll admit.  I’d like to get my hands on the clear City Lips version so I can use it with my own favorite lipsticks and stains to keep the plumping going.  This intoxicating Sangria may have just turned me into a City Lips girl.

Skin Brightener Review: City Lights

When I was younger, as other girls were worried that their lips weren’t quite “pouty” enough or their lashes weren’t “flirty” enough, I was caking on foundation trying to hide some real imperfections.

city lights youth renewal treatment review

I just happen to be one of those unlucky women with blotchy, uneven skin. Plus, I suffered from years and years of horrible acne. So, between the unevenness I’d always struggled with and the light scarring from my teenage years, my skin had always been the largest source of my insecurities.

I’d tried other brands like Murad and Resist in the past, but my results were so minimal that the price tag just wasn’t worth it. As much I wanted clear, vibrant, even toned skin…I didn’t feel right throwing my hard-earned money away on false hope!

City Lights was going to be my last attempt before I admitted defeat and accepted my biggest and most frustrating flaw. But I figured that accepting physical imperfections was just a part of life.

City Lights did end up being my last attempt…because never again will I need to try another skin brightener. City Lights has changed my face, my confidence, and my life!

Within 15 minutes my skin started to look a little different. The unevenness I’d been struggling with for over three decades was changing right before my eyes. I stared at my reflection in disbelief.

I know that it sounds as if I’m making this up. Fifteen minutes to brighter skin? But I am sincerely asking you to take my word for it. After living with blotchy skin my entire life and after all of the trial and error I’ve been through with other products, I feel obligated and excited to share my new skin secret. It wouldn’t be fair to keep City Lights to myself!

When I went to bed that first night (you apply City Lights at night) I told you that I had already noticed small changes happening. When I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror, I had tears in my eyes. FINALLY something worked for my skin.

I’ve been using City Lights for a month now, and I don’t think I’ve been this in love with anything since my wedding day (love you, Dan!).

City Lights gave me hope, confidence, and for the first time ever…I truly feel beautiful. My husband, my friends, and even a few coworkers have commented on my glowing, radiant skin. I haven’t been shy about sharing my secret (obviously!) and I hope that if you’re unhappy with sunspots, blemishes, discoloration, freckles, dullness, or uneven skin tone like me, you’ll give yourself and your skin the gift of City Lights.

Until I tried this product, I was always envious of those women who could leave the house without wearing any makeup at all. For the first time in my entire life, I don’t have a reason to be jealous anymore. Yesterday, I curled my lashes, threw on a coat of mascara and that was it. No more concealer, no more foundation, no more hiding!

Eyelash Serum Review: City Lash

There are a TON of products out on the market that promise longer, fuller, darker lashes.  Not only do mascaras make that promise, but now there are serums, oils, and even pills you can take to try to make your eyelashes be lush and full.

City Lash eyelash serumTo start off, most would be surprised that I would even try an eyelash serum.  When I’m wearing makeup, my eyelash are long and full because I wear two different mascaras and spend a good amount of time each morning going over my eyelashes again and again with mascara.  I was also intrigued by the idea of an eyelash enhancing serum product because of those days where I’m not wearing makeup: at the gym, poolside, at the beach, etc., I wouldn’t mind my subtle lashes standing out more. So, when this mascara lovin’ girl tried an eyelash serum, needless to say I was skeptical.

I was already a little apprehensive, going into the process of trying an eyelash serum.  I’ve heard, as well as read, that some serums can permanently alter not only the color of your eye lid, but even your iris!  Some other products warned that those with fairer colored eyes, like myself, could see darkening in their eye color, going from blue to a light brown, no thanks!

When I learned that City Lash uses different ingredients, that don’t stain your skin, or change the color of your eyes, I felt better about trying this product.  I also loved that fact that I could use this product on my brows!  As a makeup lover, I also use brow pencils to fill in my brows to make them look fuller and more lush (big brows are in!) so when I learned that this product was also multi-functional, I was a happy camper.

As far as results go, the growth cycle for your eyelashes is 40 days, so don’t expect long, bold eyelashes in just a couple of weeks, trust me, it’s worth the wait.

After the 40 days I definitely noticed a difference.  Not only did my naked lashes appear to be longer than before, but I also saw more of them! Hallelujah! I’m still wearing mascara on a regular basis, but I feel like I don’t have to keep applying over and over again to get the results that I want.  I’m also feeling more confident on those days that I’m without makeup.  Beach and pool days are great now that I have longer, fuller lashes.  I’m no longer wearing waterproof mascara in the pool, dreading it will smear or flake off.

As far as brows go, I’m definitely starting to see improvement!  My brows are filling out, and I have to use less filler and pencil than before.

All in all, I am super excited about this product, I’m going to keep using City Lash, and am also intrigued about their other beauty products!

City Cosmetics Dragon’s Blood Restorative Cleanser and Beauty Elixir Review

DragonsBloodCleanserThe latest product from City Cosmetics is a 2-part formula called Dragon’s Blood that features a Restorative Cleanser chemical peel and a Beauty Elixir. If you have ever thought about getting a chemical peel, you probably know just how expensive they can be. Not only that, but you have to go to a dermatologist or a spa to get one. Well, with the City Cosmetics Dragon’s Blood, you can now get the same purifying chemical peel from the spa, at home. The product features two bottles, one the Restorative Cleanser, and one the Beauty Elixir. The way it works is the Dragon’s Blood Restorative Cleanser gently removes impurities, oils, dirt, and dead skin from the face and then the Beauty Elixir protects the fresh skin and activates the natural, internal healing processes to initiate new skin growth, leaving your face looking fresher, younger, and more radiant than ever before.

The reason why it is called “Dragon’s Blood” is because it comes from the sap of the Croton Lechleri tree, which grows in the Amazon rainforest and is known by the locals as the “Sangre De Grado” because of its reddish color. The way you use the Dragon’s Blood product is by washing with the cleanser, which removes impurities and dead skin from the surface of the face and then applying the Beauty Elixir, which adds a restoring layer of protection that rehydrates the skin while also initiating the skin’s natural healing processes. This leaves the skin with a fresh, new surface so your face looks brighter and your skin is smoother than ever before.

The product contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize as well as powerful antioxidants that help the body defend itself against free radicals that could potentially cause cancer. It is also packed with something called “proanthocyandins” which stimulate collagen production to restore the internal structure of the skin’s cells.

I used this product once a week for 6 weeks and I can tell you that the results were pretty incredible. The cleanser really gets deep down and removes oil and dirt as well as the outer dead layer of skin cells. It has a very refreshing feel when you use it. After cleansing, I apply the Beauty Elixir which feels a bit like sunscreen when you put it on. It gives your skin a healing protective layer that goes underneath your moisturizer and makeup and continues working throughout the day.

After just a few weeks, my face looks smoother and my skin looks cleaner and brighter than ever before. If you’ve been looking into chemical peels to smooth out the surface of your skin, the City Cosmetics Dragon’s Blood is a great choice because it’s very affordable and very high quality. Most of the similar products on the market don’t contain the same levels of hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides as this one, and City Cosmetics is an established brand that never tests their products on animals. If you want to know more about the City Cosmetics’ Dragon’s Blood Restorative Cleanser and Beauty Elixir, check out

City Cosmetics’ Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector Review

City Cosmetics' Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector ReviewA good dark spot corrector can be a girl’s best friend. Whether you just have a few small issues you want to fix, or more extensive damage from the sun, acne, age, and other sources of unsightly blemishes… there’s nothing more effective for smoothing out your skin tone than eliminating the “problem areas” that keep you from having the radiant complexion every woman deserves.

Good skin is one of the biggest indicators of youth, and by properly and effectively beautifying our skin we can present the clear image of vibrant youthfulness no matter our age. But dark spots or other blemishes are one of the biggest giveaways that can unravel all your hard work. And when it comes to high end dark spot correctors, there are two main types… the ones that are included in skin lighteners and those specialist products that stand on their own.

City Cosmetics Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector is by far the most effective stand alone dark spot corrector that I have tried, and believe me I have tried them all. It was soft and didn’t irritate my skin, it absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy or shiny residue, it worked quickly and effectively (allowing me to start seeing results taking shape within a few applications), and I was glad to find out that it was not tested on animals.

Not only did it erase the few light acne marks I had on my forehead, but it totally eliminated the discoloration on my cheeks (from being out in the sun too much growing up), and even took a few freckles with the rest of my blemishes. And just to be sure that it would work on every types of discoloration, I applied a little to a birthmark I had on my calf and had a girlfriend of mine apply some to the age spots she has on her neck. It worked wonders on anything and everything I could find on anyone’s skin to test it on, and I wish I had taken pictures of my girlfriends neck before she went ahead and applied the corrector to the rest of her age spots as it would have made one of the best before/after photos for my review.

All in all, this product is a gem that should be in every woman’s beauty cabinet. And it pairs exceptionally well with City Lights from City Cosmetics, which is a standalone skin brightener (or lightener is you prefer) that excels at perfecting your overall tone and hue rather than just spot by spot. I went ahead and purchased a bottle for my mother as she is obsessed with defending her skin against the inevitable accumulation of age spots – and she is one of the harshest critics I know.

She loves it. And more than anything else, that says it all.

You can find more about the City Cosmetics’ Radiance Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector on their website:

City Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum Review



We were excited to review the newest product from City Cosmetics, their Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum, since it’s brand new and because it contains six ingredients that have recently been making a lot of waves in the beauty industry. Because of some recent clinical studies showing remarkable results in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment, these ingredients are highly sought after and usually very expensive but the City Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum is actually very affordably priced when compared to similar serums. BeautifEYE is one of the ingredients in the formula that is so interesting because it is synthesized from silk tree extracts that have been found to have remarkable healing and rejuvenating properties. The Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum works through a multi-phase approach that heals as well as rejuvenates, by stimulating your skin’s collagen and fibronectin production. Collagen and fibronectin are two of the primary building blocks of the internal structure of the skin, so by stimulating the production of these proteins, your skin begins to rebuild itself from the inside out, give your skin a firmer appearance and a youthful glow.

Another of the exciting ingredients in the formula is Syn-Ake, a synthetic snake venom that works the same way as Botox and can inhibit muscle contractions and tighten the skin. Also there are the hydrating hyaluspheres that replenish the moisture that gets depleted beneath the surface of the skin. Hyaluspheres are remarkable because they are able to deliver hyaluronic acid beneath the surface of the skin, where we need it most. So not only does the Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum heal and stimulate the skin’s rebuilding processes, but it also rehydrates in a way that other moisturizers and eye creams can’t.

The Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum has a very light texture that was not oily or greasy at all. Serums in general usually have a lighter weight that moisturizers and lotions so that the skin can absorb them better. The Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum was absorbed in seconds and we could immediately feel it tightening and invigorating the skin around our eyes. Another great thing about this serum is that it is safe enough to be used on the eyelids. Many moisturizers contain ingredients that are too harsh to be used on the thin skin that is around the eyes, but the ingredients in the Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum were specially formulated to delicately handle the sagging skin around the eyes.

After three weeks of use, there was a major difference in the level of dark circles under my eyes.  My eyes looked better rested, the skin was tighter, more alert, and had a more even tone than before. This is one of the best eye wrinkle treatments I’ve found and I can’t believe that it took me so long to find something that worked this well. It wasn’t until I started to paying attention to the research of ingredients out there that actually work that I was able to stop wasting my money. You can get City Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum from their website, City  

City Cosmetics’ City Lights Radiance Perfecting Cream Review

City-LightsThere are a ton of facial creams, serums and lotions to choose from in today’s market. Anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing, blemish-erasing… you name it, cosmetic companies out there have it. But today’s pick goes to City Cosmetics’ City Lights.

We love looking at different anti-aging creams and there are a lot out there to choose from. Where do you even begin? So you start with the well known, and you make your way down to the unknown, and see how each one ranks. Taking into consideration products like Sephora’s SK-II brightener ($135) and SkinMedica LYTERA brightener ($125), we had to give props to a brightener that uses clinically-proven ingredients at a fraction of the cost. We’re talking about City Lights – a unique anti-aging radiance perfecting cream that was created by the same makers of City Lips – the award winning lip plumper that gives women their fabulous lips.

A large part of why City Lights gets top props is due to the pricing point they offer their customers for their innovative and effective ingredients.  Who wants to spend over $100 to perfect their skin tone? It’s worth it… but not if you can get as great of a product for less. City Lights isn’t cheap, but it’s reasonable, considering it actually works.

We’ve seen what cheap brands of skin products can do, as they are usually formulated with big “no no” ingredients, like Hydroquinone and Mercury. That’s why we didn’t really give them much thought for review. City Cosmetics charges $67 for their skin brightener, and we love the packaging too. Their products are packaged in glass – which is much healthier for their consumers and the environment. Anything packaged in plastic can seep those toxins right into the product, and right onto your skin.

So what, exactly are the valuable ingredients in City Lights?

They use a unique blend of Alpha Arbutin, Octadecendioic Acid, Citrus Unshiu  and antioxidants to work together to promote healthier, more radiant skin.  Their ingredients have been clinically proven to dramatically reduce the look of uneven skin tone, which is what every fab woman wants.

Here is a more detailed list of what some of the ingredients do:

  • Alpha Arbutin: this compound derived from organic materials, helps to block the effects of melanin in the skin, evening out and brightening skin tone.
  • Octadecendioic Acid: a powerful melanin blocker, this ingredient is clinically proven to reduce melanin by 16.3%- in just two weeks.
  • Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract: extracted from rare Japanese citrus, clinical trials show this ingredient to reduce the intensity of age spots by 28%.
  • Vitamins and antioxidants help maintain skin clarity.

We definitely like City Lights, for the results, and the price! You can check it out on the City Cosmetics website.